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"Six Legs Good" - East Van Summer Honey

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500g local summer honey from East Vancouver.

Six Legs Good Apiaries is owned and operated by husband and wife team Deborah Tin Tun and Liam Brownrigg:

"Our bees forage on the huge diversity of flowers grown around East Vancouver, producing a rich, complex tasting honey. All our honey is unpasteurized and unfiltered.

We can never narrow down our honey to a single floral source, as our hives are housed in backyards. We divide it by season: our spring honey is generally lighter and milder while the summer honey is darker and stronger. Some years the difference is more pronounced than others, it all depends on what our neighbours are growing!

It’s important to us that honey not be treated as a specialty food item. Honey has been a domestic staple food source for generations, and bees are a foundation of a healthy ecosystem.
It is connection to a sense of place and our local ecosystem. We strive to provide our honey at an accessible price.

All our bees and queens are locally raised, using only organic treatments, and are approved for sale after inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture. We do not import bees or resell imported packages."

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