Zero Waste Life Hacks

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We recently ran a little contest asking our followers for their best Zero Waste Tips & Tricks. We've compiled the best replies below for your reading pleasure.

The winner from our draw is Instagram user @modernmixvan - congratulations! You'll be receiving 3 delicious Salad Kits from us soon, look out for our message.

By far the most tips came from Luisa on Facebook - she had SO much good advice. So we thought we should reward your awesomeness as well. We'll be in touch about providing you with some Smoothie Kits soon! The world needs more people like you!

Here are some of the best tips compiled. Most people seem to already use reusable shopping bags, which is a great start! Next are takeout containers and cutlery, bamboo toothbrushes, buying bulk items, reusing as many things & materials as possible, donating, buying used etc. 

I'm trying to reduce the plastic use at home! Always carrying reusable bags to the grocery store was my first step, and now I'm trying to not buy the products that come in a plastic. It's hard but it worth the effort! (@jana_canada)

I am extremely happy to use my reusable produce bags that were made from fabric we were going to throw away. No more plastic bags at home - uhuuuu!!!! (@maiamelina.lab)

I always avoid plastic bags and products with no recycling packages. My building doesn’t recycle foam, isopor, textiles and soft plastics, so I collect them and bring to deposit at my work where it has those recycling collectors. I also donate a piece of clothing always I get or buy a new one. I always have with me my set of silverware for eating and a thermic coffee mug for my coffee time. Using menstrual cup for years, I also avoid generate a lot of trash every cycle. (@maribalga)

I’m trying to reduce single use plastic too: I have small reusable bags inside each of my backpacks or purses, so I have one with me whenever I go. I haven’t taken single use plastic bags for about a year! I also carry my cutlery (and straws) with me and do my weekly grocery shopping based on a menu, thus I only buy what I’m going to eat! (@lidimendes)

Buying hair scrunchies that are made from leftover fabric. I was just chatting with a local fashion designer this week, she says when making clothes there are ALWAYS leftover materials after cutting her patterns so she’s started sewing hair ties, scrunchies and hair ribbons from them. (@modernmixvan)

I use a bamboo toothbrush, bring my own cutlery (non-plastic) to eat and donate lightly used clothing! I also try to shop local at shops like Nada. (@ngjamilla)

I save all my veggies scraps (except the more bitter kind) in the freezer as well as any meat bones. I use these to make my own broth. 
I always carry my own shopping and produce bags. 
I go to bulk stores to stock up on all my dried goods so I don't c
reate more packaging waste. 
I refill containers of laundry soap and such at stores like The Soap Dispensary. 
We've reduced our garbage to one small bag a month or less of things that can't be composted or recycled.
When produce is in season I stock up and freeze or can to have on hand for off-season months (just froze a bunch of peach slices). 
I make almost everything we eat from scratch which I realize is a privilege of having the time to do this.
I joined the Buy Nothing group for my neighbourhood to source and give away things that I need/don't need anymore.
I joined the Zero Waste Vancouver group to share/get ideas for reducing waste. 
(Luisa D.)

Thanks everyone for your tips! You are all amazing and we hope that your actions will inspire others to do the same!