People, Plants, Planet - and new beginnings!

Hi there!

Our names are Julika and Dean, and we're the owners of Juvalicious. We're a Vancouver based meal delivery company that brings Smoothie Kits, Salad Kits and Salad Bars to your home and office. You might wonder how we're different than all the other businesses that are out there, that are doing similar things and why you should read our blog.

We love good food, of course, but most importantly, we care about good nutrition. Our mission is to provide delicious, nutrient dense foods that re-Juva-nate both mind and body. No more crashing after lunch, no hidden sugars or preservatives! We deliver only what we truly think you should be putting in your body. We also want to inform and educate our clients about nutrition, and that is where this blog comes into play!

Secondly, we love people! We are committed to deliver the best products and services to our customers - always. It's one of our company values! Since we love community building so much, we strive towards nurturing human interactions through food. We will explore that part of our business in this blog as well.

And last but not least, we also care about sustainability - A LOT! Ever since we started our business, we have worked on finding ways to be more sustainable, waste-free and environmentally friendly. We minimize our environmental impact and maximize sustainability by using only reusable containers and redistributing excess foods through third party services. We want to get as many people as possible on board with this philosophy and we will be sharing useful information and tips how to live a more waste-free and environmentally friendly life.

You will hear from us very soon!


Julika & Dean